Squarespace Review

Explaining Squarespace

Squarespace is a website builder with 113 different templates. Each is mobile responsive, professional, and customizable. Prices are relatively reasonable; plans start around $12 a month. With excellent customer support and beautifully styled templates, consider using Squarespace to build your next site.

You don’t need extensive coding skills with built-in SEO, eCommerce, and social media integrations. However, for a truly customized website, technical confidence is helpful.

What’s Good About Squarespace?

Squarespace boasts beautiful and professional designs, but is it worth it?

Stunning Templates

The templates are contemporary. They’re highly sophisticated with stylish designs that are responsive on mobiles, tablets, and desktop devices. Squarespace offers more than 100 choices. Every little detail is perfected, from images to fonts. You can customize any of their templates easily through the design menu.

Mobile App

Squarespace offers a mobile app. With this, you can edit your web pages, blog posts, and online store wherever you are. 

Ecommerce Tools

Squarespace has an excellent range of eCommerce tools. Firstly, you don’t need to worry about transaction fees on one of their Commerce plans. Secondly, it comes with a reasonably effective built-in email marketing tool. Therefore, you can keep everything in one place. Finally, they have a 1,000-page limit. Comparatively, most competitors only offer 100 pages.

However, Squarespace recommends you keep your pages below 400 to ensure site speed is smooth.

Blogging Feature

Squarespace is perfect for bloggers. Their site has many built-in blogging elements. For example, make use of their rich commenting feature, multi-author function, scheduling posts, AMP, and more. It even lets you host your own podcast.


Integrations are pretty excellent. Squarespace integrates with the most well-known third parties. For example, it integrates with Google Workspace, Opentable, and Mailchimp out of the box. Additionally, you can connect with social media platforms easily.

Also, Squarespace has an available Zapier integration so that you can link your site to many other applications.

Design App

Don’t worry about outsourcing to different platforms and freelancers. Create your website and design your logo all in one place. The integrated designing app enables users to create simple and professional logos. Plus, Squarespace offers a Video Maker app. With this, you can easily create smooth and stylish videos to upload to your site.

What’s Not So Good?

However, where do we think Squarespace could improve?

Learning Curve

If you have no technical ability, it could be challenging to get to grips with. While you don’t need extensive coding knowledge, some website-building experience is valuable. That said, the CMS interface is very user-friendly.

Ecommerce Limitations

Although Squarespace offers some excellent eCommerce tools, some of its functions are relatively limited. For example, it doesn’t provide multi-currency selling, GDPR compliance is weak, automatic tax calculations are US-only, and there is no support for Google Pay. 

Who Is Squarespace Aimed At?

Squarespace is the ideal website builder for bloggers, small business owners, and eCommerce stores. With beautiful designs and a professional look, it’s reasonably priced for what it offers. However, while no coding skills are necessary, some tech confidence will help.